Advertising Videos

Video can be used as a very cost effective way of creating an advert to promote your product or service.

Generally 30 or 60 seconds long these commercials can be used on-line in a variety of ways from setting up your own YouTube channel to embedding in your website.

These videos usually have a short duration which means you need to get your message across simply and quickly.  Creativity is important to producing an engaging video so having a clear understanding of your features and benefits is vital if you want to successfully connect with your audience.

Example Of An Advertising Video: DB Sound and Vision’s Own Showreel

This is a very powerful method of conveying a sales message and I wouldn’t be without it. It has an absolutely overwhelming impact…I don’t think we could sell this without this sort of tool

Eric GroundsDirector of Fund raising, Sue Ryder Care

We’ve definitely seen tangible results from having this video on the website.

Simon Potter Print on Demand