Testimonial Videos

A Video Testimonial provides a high level of credibility to your Client Testimonials. This type of video is all about bringing to life what your customers say about you.

Written testimonials are frequently used on websites but video is fast becoming the most popular way for customers to give an endorsement.

The style and production can vary quite considerably from using just one customer to give a testimonial to creating a montage of several customer endorsements.  Creatively the video can present a simple customer statement about an experience or it can be a staged interview where several questions are asked and the customer responds.

OPTRYS – EA First Case Study Video

The case study/testimonial was filmed in one day at EA First, Girton, Cambridge. The intention as always was to minimise the impact on the staff whilst achieving the desired result for Optrys and Meridian. We also produced a short 60-second version for social media use, which can be viewed below.

The Lease Negotiator – Alrose Products Ltd

Filmed at the Alrose factory in Peterborough this is one of a series of videos for Jonathan Hand of The Lease Negotiator Ltd. You can view the short (social media) version of this video below.

The Lease Negotiator – Alrose Products Ltd (Social Media Version)

This is the 34 second version of the above video for use on social media.

Optrys – RxCelerate Case Study Video

The RxCellerate case study was filmed at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, over several days to capture the building work in progress as well as the completed project. Watch this case study video example to see how video can help your business.

ck4 – Anglian Compressors Case Study

This project started by ck4 asking us to edit their time-lapse footage and ended up them asking us to film a testimonial to turn the video into a case study.

DUS Testimonials Video

The DUS filming was completed in one day at KingsGate Conference Center. As well as all the testimonials, other footage was captured of senior mangers.

Duval Testimonial Video

We filmed 3 testimonials for Duval FM (facilities management) which, as well as being used individually were combined to produce this promo video.

Marren – The Workhouse Case Study Video

We have completed a wide range of films for Marren. This video is the first of several to show feedback from one of their clients. Other videos include a general corporate video, a product promo and several “How-To” videos. Watch this case study video example to see how video can help your business.

Optrys – MM Wealth Case Study Video

Filmed in Cambridge in 1 day, this testimonial for Optrys shows off the completed fit out as well as including the clients feedback. Subtle Cinematic movement was used along with the choice of music to give the film a quality feel. Watch this case study video example to see how video can help your business.

LOF – Nofagraaf Case Study Video

This case study was filmed at the Novagraaf Central London office in 1 day. The second camera was fitted to a motorised motion control system to give a more dynamic moving wide shot. A great example of how a case study video can give viewers confidence in the service.

Meridian – RxCelerate  Testimonial Video

As well as producing a 3 minute case study video we also produced some shorter videos for social media. This one was branded for the Meridian side of the project partnership.

Duval – Marston Brewery Testimonial Video

We filmed 3 testimonial videos for Duval FM (facilities management). As well as being used individually they were combined to create a fourth version. This video shows the Marston Brewery testimonial on its own.

Business Network Peterborough Testimonial Video

This combined testimonial video is one of several we completed for Business Network Peterborough. This is a variation of the main video as it has bold text added to use at networking events.

Bradstone Case Study Video

Bradstone supplies a range of garden and landscaping products throughout the UK. This case study features a project completed by one of their approved installers. A motorised motion control system was utilised for the second interview camera and some of the external shots. As with all interviews portable LED lighting was used for a quality result. An example of how a case study video can help your business.

Al Peat – Bradstone Testimonial Video

To provide an interesting backdrop that tied in with the subject, this testimonial was filmed at Olive Grove near Oundle. The second camera was on a motorised control system for a dynamic wide shot. Portable LED film lighting was used in spite of being shot in daylight.

Testimonial video for DB Sound and Vision by Frances MacKenzie from Cubex Contracts.

We have filmed several video projects for Cubex Contracts over the years and they have all varied in the video elements which were included. All of them however were based on a client testimonial. Some just showed the testimonial interview with the completed project, some have included some footage of the build in progress and two have included tile lapse footage of the build from start to finish.

David is always able to pick up the idea of what we want to create very quickly. He is easy to work with and produces very good quality work. If you have not used his services, and you need to produce a video, I strongly suggest you try David

Helen JonesLarkfleet Group

I have worked with David on a number of projects and never been disappointed. Quick, quiet and professional, he puts our clients at ease in front of the camera.

Mike HollandOlsenMetrix Marketing