Testimonial Videos

A Video Testimonial provides a high level of credibility to your Client Testimonials. This type of video is all about bringing to life what your customers say about you.

Written testimonials are frequently used on websites but video is fast becoming the most popular way for customers to give an endorsement.

The style and production can vary quite considerably from using just one customer to give a testimonial to creating a montage of several customer endorsements.  Creatively the video can present a simple customer statement about an experience or it can be a staged interview where several questions are asked and the customer responds.

David is always able to pick up the idea of what we want to create very quickly. He is easy to work with and produces very good quality work. If you have not used his services, and you need to produce a video, I strongly suggest you try David

Helen JonesLarkfleet Group

I have worked with David on a number of projects and never been disappointed. Quick, quiet and professional, he puts our clients at ease in front of the camera.

Mike HollandOlsenMetrix Marketing