Training Videos

Companies are always looking for new and more engaging ways to deliver training.

Video is a very flexible and versatile way to support your training needs.   The medium is by nature very interactive which will bring to life any training scenario so enabling you to move away from more passive learning styles and become more engaging.

If your operation is split across a number of locations video becomes a quick and effective way to update your teams – ensuring that everybody is receiving the same message whilst techniques can be deployed to check understanding once the training has been delivered.

Training Videos
We have produced training and instructional videos for many companies including: Norwich and Peterborough Building Society, Larkfleet Homes, Sodexo Justice Services, Connells Estate Agents and Sharman Quinney Estate Agents. Because of the nature of the content and the fact it is often intended for employees only, we do not host these on our website.
Training can take many forms depending on the subject and audience. One thing is constant though, the benefit of showing a client or member of staff what you want to teach them rather than just talking about it. It has been calculated that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, so it’s no wonder people prefer to absorb information through video when given the option
Training videos are often a longer form of film due to the volume of information that is being covered. The style and tone will need to not only suit the subject matter but the intended audience. The format could be as simple as a talking head style but add some titles/graphics and some video or photographs that illustrate the message and it transforms the film into a much more engaging learning experience.

His professionalism and the quality of production was excellent and provided us with a cost effective way of speaking to all of our retail staff over a short period of time

Nigel SmithHead of Retail, Norwich and Peterborough Building Society

The training DVD is now being used throughout our organisation and has been a huge success.

Caroline RichingsConnells Group